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Published by: Amir Asyraf Ramli al-Farouq

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Who's the enemy and who's the true friend?

Ohh frens,
A true fren cannot be measured by what the distributions they gave to us, but the true fren can be measured by its sincerity n also their patience toward us. Sometimes they're in 'kepala angin' n 'panas baran', both of these things we can't judge them as they're not a true frens, that's WRONG!!

Maybe with this 'panas baran' n 'kepala angin' is the two weaknesses by them. So, as good n understanding fren, we should help n not to judge them with a wrong judgement, that's a not true action. Maybe in their heart there's a lot of beautiful sound musics, only certain person can measure n know that.

But we also need to be concern about the enemy in our life to avoid us to a prey to them. Remember that it's important to know n take note! Sometime they do not show off their badness, but as a normal human being, we can differentiate what's true n wrong in frienship n human ethics.

*Only a short remembrance*

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